Posted by Wil on 2014 Feb 15th

What Inspired Custom Shrouds's Existance

Custom Shrouds started over little more than a random idea: Wil is a police officer, a veteran, and a volunteer firefighter.  As a volunteer firefighter, based in Ontario Canada, his personal vehicle is equipped with flashing green lights for response to calls for service.  Anyone who has used emergency lighting in vehicles knows the horror of "Flashback" or the reflection of the flashing light off of windows back into the vehicle.  Having grown up in a family that owned a manufacturing facility, and having become proficient with 3D design back in the day, the answer was simple: design and 3D print shrouds that allowed for emergency lights to be mounted in the interior of the vehicle, and prevent flashback.  Along the way, Wil was asked to randomly 3D print items for friends, fellow airsoft enthusiasts and their friends...and suddenly, there was the start of a business. 

Wil added some more printers along the way, and is constantly developing more designs. He concentrates on "practical" designs, as in products that have a use besides display purposes.  (Not that he has an issue with printing display items, it's just that his design experience is around 3D designs, not 3D models).  Keep an eye on the website as he gets more products listed.  Also, feel free to contact him with items you need, especially focused on emergency lighting, tactical and airsoft items.